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BAPESTA Star Logo Layered L/S T-Shirt

Original price was: $459.00.Current price is: $369.00.

BAPESTA Star Logo Crewneck Sweatshirt

Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $209.00.

BAPESTA Relaxed Crewneck Sweater

Original price was: $689.00.Current price is: $319.00.

BAPESTA Logo Oversized Sweater

Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $339.00.

BAPESTA Star Pattern Crewneck Sweater

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BAPESTA Star Pattern Relaxed Knit Cardigan

Original price was: $750.00.Current price is: $429.00.

BAPESTA x Collage Ladies L/S Tee

Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $199.00.

BAPE X Shin Kamen Rider Shocker Emblem Tee

Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $199.00.


Introducing the latest and highly anticipated collection of BAPE Camo sweaters, now available for purchase at the prestigious BAPE Bathing Ape Store. True to its reputation, this collection is expected to fly off the shelves in no time. BAPE Sweaters have consistently held their position as one of the most sought-after categories within the A Bathing Ape (BAPESTA shop) product line, thanks to their diverse range of options to cater to every style preference. The BAPE Camo sweaters in this collection have carefully curated a selection of the most beloved designs, appealing to fashion enthusiasts worldwide. As you explore the images in this section, you’ll notice the understated elegance of these BAPESTA Camo Sweaters, emphasizing a minimalist approach to their design. Adorned primarily with the iconic logo on the front, these sweaters exude simplicity while showcasing the brand’s distinct identity. Within this section of the BAPE store, you’ll discover an array of sophisticated hooded sweaters, perfect for those seeking a touch of refinement in their wardrobe.


Indulge in the limitless options available when selecting your ideal BAPE Black sweater from our diverse range of styles. At the esteemed BAPE Camo (A Bathing Ape) Store, our most coveted and sophisticated piece is undoubtedly the half-zipper autumn winter sweater. This particular item has earned its rightful place as a best-seller, not just within our BAPE Hoodie, but throughout our entire collection. We take immense pride in offering BAPE Blue sweaters that boast unparalleled quality, and our letter-printed sweaters are a testament to this commitment.

Available in a wide array of sizes and colors, they cater to the unique preferences of each individual. For a touch of contemporary allure, explore our collection of BAPE Camo zipper double hooded sweaters, available in an array of enticing colors that will captivate your senses. Embrace the dynamic appeal of our BAPE Camo Black/White sweaters, featuring sleek Black and White designs with prominent BAPE letters printed on the sleeves, a testament to the fashion-forward aesthetic of this collection. With an extensive range of options, our BAPE Camo sweaters are poised to elevate your style game to new heights.

Pink BAPE sweater

Renowned as a prominent streetwear brand, BAPE has gained widespread recognition, albeit with a higher price point. For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, diligent online searching may unveil several knockoffs of the coveted pink BAPE Sweater. It is crucial, however, to exercise caution when considering knockoff purchases, as ensuring the finished product’s quality aligns with your expectations is paramount. Prioritize thorough research and price comparisons to make an informed decision, thereby avoiding potential overpayment. Undeniably, the Pink BAPE Sweater has carved its place as an immensely popular streetwear item. The one showcased before you stands as a testament to its widespread appeal and fashion-forward design.

Black BAPE Sweater

Exciting news awaits those in search of a pocket-friendly alternative to the Black BAPE Sweater. Numerous online platforms offer knockoff versions at more affordable prices, granting you the opportunity to embrace this sought-after style without breaking the bank. It is wise to exercise prudence by conducting thorough research and price comparisons before finalizing your purchase. Additionally, consider exploring the world of secondhand BAPE sweaters, where you may discover enticing discounts alongside the option of brand-new pieces.

Undoubtedly, the black BAPE sweater reigns supreme as the most coveted item within the vibrant streetwear industry. Regarded as an absolute essential for any streetwear enthusiast, the A Bathing Ape sweater exudes unparalleled versatility and unrivaled style. Its popularity stems from its ability to effortlessly elevate any outfit, making it a true fashion statement. Don’t miss the chance to acquire this must-have piece and join the ranks of streetwear aficionados who appreciate its timeless appeal.

Blue BAPE sweater

Prepare to be captivated by the Blue BAPE Sweater, a cherished clothing item that has found its way into the wardrobes of numerous celebrities and social media influencers. BAPE, also known as A Bathing Ape, is the revered brand responsible for manufacturing these exceptional sweaters. Adorning the front of this remarkable piece is a white outline of the iconic BAPE logo, elegantly set against a mesmerizing blue backdrop. Embrace the convenience of machine-washing as often as desired, courtesy of its composition of 100% cotton.

For a price of $199.00, the Blue BAPE Sweater awaits your acquisition on BAPE’s official website, beckoning you to indulge in the style loved by celebrities, Instagram stars, and influential personalities across various social media platforms. Embrace the allure of this fashion statement and become a trendsetter in your own right.

Red BAPE Sweater

join the ranks of celebrities and social media influencers who have made the red BAPE sweater a beloved clothing item. A Bathing Ape, renowned as BAPE, is the esteemed brand behind the creation of this exquisite sweater. The design showcases a captivating combination of white and red, featuring the iconic BAPE logo. Crafted from high-quality cotton, these sweaters can easily be machine washed, ensuring convenience in their maintenance.

Priced at $179.00, the red BAPE sweater awaits your purchase on the official website of the company. Embrace the allure of this favorite and highly sought-after clothing item, expertly crafted by the prestigious brand Bathing Ape. Indulge in its undeniable appeal and make a bold statement with your fashion choices.

BAPESTA Shark Vintage Sweater

the captivating Printed Bape Shark Vintage Sweater, a winter fashion statement that embraces a loose-fit aesthetic. Experience the comfort and style of this remarkable piece, available in regular sizes to cater to your specific preferences. The distinguished BAPE logo takes center stage, prominently printed on the front panel, while the iconic bathing ape motif graces both sides of the sweater. Discover the unique charm of the Bape ape double zipper shirt, designed to add an extra touch of flair to your outfit. Both arms proudly showcase intricate diary race prints, contributing to the sweater’s distinctive appeal. On the front panel, you’ll find the striking BAPA logo, complemented by a captivating pair of eyeglasses positioned at the top of the sweater. Prepare to make a bold fashion statement with the Printed Bape Shark Vintage Sweater, a true testament to the brand’s innovative design and creativity.